The AWW Views

From a recent AWW thread: The view out the window of assorted AWW participants. In no particular order.


"I went out on the balcony just now to take 4 pics, combined them into a badly constructed panoramaview: "

Charles Sweeney

"NOTE: Please do not adjust your set. It's Scotland, it's summer, they're supposed to be dull!"


"Here are some images from Finland from some regular lurker."

Matt Probert

"Hmmm, okay, here's my former residence. Basingstoke town center - the
view that greeted me as I walked in - on a Friday evening (sorry about
the quality, this was taken with a low-light camera and film and no


"In two weeks, this will be my backyard :-). Minus the accessories."

Bill Clark

"From the back woods... Taken with a disposable camera... No hi tech stuff here... <g>"

John Bokma

"We have the top floor :-)."


"Got one from last months patio brunch. We throw one about once every two months."


"Well if it ever stops raining here I will be able to take my camera out
and get some photos :p

In the meantime here are some I dug up already online:"



Like I wrote in aww, mostly trees and shrubbery:

Want to add your own view? Either participate in the thread, or send me an e-mail. Thanks :-).

Matthias Gutfeldt, 2004