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Freitag, 16. Mai 2003, 19:25:49

Falschmeldungen im Sinne von "Wag the Dog" hat's im Irak-Krieg ja wirklich zur Genüge gegeben. Hier eine besonders lustige Geschichte, die angebliche Rettung von "Private Lynch": The truth about Jessica. Kleiner Auszug:

There was one more twist. Two days before the snatch squad arrived, Al-Houssona had arranged to deliver Jessica to the Americans in an ambulance. "I told her I will try and help you escape to the American Army but I will do this very secretly because I could lose my life." He put her in an ambulance and instructed the driver to go to the American checkpoint. When he was approaching it, the Americans opened fire. They fled just in time back to the hospital. The Americans had almost killed their prize catch.