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Donnerstag, 14. August 2003, 02:01:55

In a longer article about RSS, Adam Curry foresays the death of HTML. His tea leave(s), as it were, is Microsoft's recent announcement of the end of a standalone browser (ZDNet report an interesting twist in the whole story). Here goes:

The web browser would have been great as a 'transceiver' for creating and receiving content. Weblogs perform this task currently, but html is doomed to fade away into a void of static now that Microsoft has announced it will no longer support or continue development on a standalone version of internet explorer. The writing is on the wall. Sure browsers will be around for a long time, just like you still have AM on your car radio.


RSS is the content carrier wave of the future. And everyone with a weblog can or is already creating a compatible broadcast channel.

Interesting. But if you read on, you'll find out that it's just a very clever call for a free beer.