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Donnerstag, 25. September 2003, 01:51:54

Welcome to Caves of HTML!

You are in a dark cave scattered about with fragments of HTML and graphics.  You think you saw a domain name go scuttling along the wall where the light from the entrance just reaches.  It's cold.

? Make pop-under

You can't do that now.

? Look

You see a bit of javascript on the floor of the cave, shivering in fear while a meta refresh crawls over your shoe.

? Get meta refresh

You pick up the meta refresh.  It feels slimy and somehow disconcerting.

? Make pop-under with meta refresh

You can't do that.

? Get Javascript

It squirms in your hands, trying to get free.  You can tell it definitely doesn't like you.

? Make pop-under with javascript

An item you are carrying prevents you from making a pop-under.

? I

You are carrying:
   Meta refresh
   Common Sense

? Drop Common Sense

You now have no Common Sense

? Make pop-under with javascript

You make a pop-under!  Unfortunately, you're just as in the dark as before.

Quelle: GreyWyvern in alt.html, 24. September 2003.