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Mittwoch, 02. Juni 2004, 15:54:52

I take it all back! There is a mechanism to indicate the language of each item. The following message by Jon Hanna on rss-dev makes it abundantly clear:

Use xml:lang to state the language of the actual content of the XML.
Use dc:language to state the language of what you are talking about.

Most often these would be the same language:

<item rdf:about="someResource">
<description xml:lang="en">Some resource.</description>

But it is worth stating both, firstly because some applications may only
care about the xml:lang of the description, and some only about the language
of the resource, and secondly because they *can* be different.

<item rdf:about="someFrenchResource">
<description xml:lang="en">Some French resource.</description>

Stupid me, eh?