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Hund oder Katze? Montag, 13. September 2004, 17:45:49

Ich bin zwar etwas spät, aber was soll's - hier die gimme-five Fragen vom letzten Mittwoch

  1. Dog or cat? Both are lovable creatures.
  2. Are you afraid of animals? If so, of which one? I'm afraid of any wild animal that is hungry and big enough to kill me and there's no fence between us. Other than that, none.
  3. Are you disgusted by spiders? No, I love spiders!
  4. What do you do against moskitos and flies during summertime? I kill them.
  5. What's your favourite animal in the zoo? The lynx. But seeing them in the Tierpark Dählhölzli is a bit depressing, even if their enclosure is quite large (for a zoo!). Sure, they're safer there than out in the mountains, but it's just wrong that we have to cage animals to protect them.