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Baby-cuddling and PHP programming Freitag, 08. Oktober 2004, 18:41:45

On Monday, I thought Preview Edition IV of would be ready this weekend. Boy, was I ever wrong.

I didn't code anything on Tuesday night; instead, I cuddled Tim, helped him find his sleep, and finally fell asleep myself. Not a line of code was written.

Don't get me wrong: Tim-cuddling is far more important than programming! It just doesn't help my blog project. Or perhaps it does? Wednesday and Thursday were very productive. I got almost done with the database stuff, and bits and pieces of the script that creates the individual content pages.

The connection between Tim-cuddling and coding-efficiency is fascinating. I haven't explored it in depth, but it makes perfect sense.

Anyway, my eyes glazed over on Thursday 23:30 and I couldn't keep track of all those variables and functions anymore. Despite the cuddling-induced efficiency, the code wasn't complete. Big chunks of functionality were still missing. But I just had to get some sleep.

Today I'm in the office, working on my Typo3 Extension (which is far more complex than the little blog thing). Tomorrow it's weekend shopping & family, and in the afternoon/evening Bloggertreffen ZH. So I won't have any time for coding. I was kinda hoping Preview IV would be ready for the meeting, but it won't be.

But I'm not complaining, this is the great difference between job and hobby: There's no real hurry! If I'd rather talk with Lea about her latest comic strip, admire Jan's writing attempts, cuddle Tim until he giggles, I can. Nobody's going to pressure me with project specifications, deadlines, and all that other hogwash. The product is ready when it is ready.