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[update] Bloggertreffen ZH: It was grand! Sonntag, 10. Oktober 2004, 04:23:33

<update>Juicy pictures!</update>

OK, a very brief wrap-up of Blggertreffen ZH. I'll write a bit more and post some pictures after I've had my well-deserved (and sorely needed) sleep.

Participants in more or less alphabetical order:

It was extremely nice to meet you folks! After all that "language anxiety" talk, I was quite thrilled that more than half of the participants were foreigners! Some had been living in Switzerland for a long time, others just arrived a couple days ago.

We had lively discussions in German, assorted Swiss dialects, and English. Unfortunately the Romands didn't show up, otherwise I would have had the opportunity to use the old phrase "Please excuse my French" in a more literal sense.

I hope to see you all, and also those that couldn't make it tonight, on 27 November at Bloggertreffen BE.