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Bridget Jones´s Texas Chainsaw Massacre Freitag, 05. November 2004, 20:43:18

The local newspaper "Der Bund" is not known for its humour. In fact, the paper seems to be proud of its extreme unfunnyness. But apparently the movie review authors are occasionally allowed to crack a joke. In the review of "Alien vs. Predator":

Sollte der Streifen zum Erfolg werden, muss mit weiteren cinéastischen Highlights wie "Nightmare on Star Trek", "Terminator's Halloween" oder "Bridget Jones's Texas Chainsaw Massacre" gerechnet werden. (anb)

Loose English translation for the germanically challenged:

If this flick becomes a success, we can expect other cineastic highlights like "Nightmare on Star Trek", "Terminator's Halloween" or "Bridget Jones's Texas Chainsaw Massacre".

I can hardly wait!