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Blogwhores and Linkwhores Freitag, 26. November 2004, 22:47:48

A blogger is selling himself on ebay. Well, not himself, exactly; just his blogging skills. It's proof that you can buy anything on ebay - remember the grilled cheese sandwich? But unlike the sandwich, this is actually a useful product.

If you don't know how to blog, and think it's worth paying US202.50 (the latest bid right now) to have a pro get you up to speed. In which case you've probably fallen for the Blogs-Are-The-Next-Big-Thing hype, because, let's face it, blogging is about as difficult as slicing bread.

Why do I even mention it? Thank you for asking. I'm a traffic starved scoundrel, that's all there is to it. Living proof that people will do anything for a shag link. Hey, that's a thought; perhaps I should start auctioning links, both inbound and outbound. Big beesniss, 'ere I come!