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Das Logfile über mein Leben im Netz.

Yeah, it is over. You missed it! Dienstag, 30. November 2004, 03:45:26

I must be getting old - it's Monday already, and I haven't blogged it yet!

It was nice to meet glamorous Heather, Alex "my home is my wiki" Schröder, and Peet "I eat trains for breakfast" the Engineer again. They haven't changed one little bit! Alex still goes on and on about wikis, Heather still doesn't mention the skiing, and Peet knows everything you ever wanted to know about trains (and then some). What's more, a whopping five brand new bloggers joined in the fun: Guido, Hannes, Markus, Peter, and Urs.

Celebrity no-shows were Annette and Olaf. We don't know why they didn't show up, but I can assure you the Papparazzi (not to mention myself!) were disappointed.

As usual, discussions were lively. Everybody talked about her or his passions - wikis, software development, trains, Capoeira, journalism, kids, etc. If you can match the topic to the people, I'll buy you a drink at the next meeting!