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Things that go bump in the night Mittwoch, 08. Dezember 2004, 20:58:54

Yesterday, after a long day full of diapers, dishes and other simple pleasures, with all kids (3) and wives (1) safely tucked in bed, I figured the world owed me a couple quality hours in front of the TV. I opened the fridge to find some quality-enhancing beverages. None available. So I opted for the delicious caramel Tam-Tam. Closed the fridge. The Tam-Tam promptly slipped from my tired hands.

Since I hadn't turned on the light, and the fridge was closed, I could only just make out that some of the delicousness had spilled on the floor: The container had cracked. Crap.

Opened the cupboard and took a saucer to place the remaining Tam-Tam on. Closed the cupboard, bent down to pick up the Tam-Tam. Got up and WHAM!! hit my head on the cupboard door. I probably hadn't closed it properly, and it had opened again.

It hurt like hell. Since everyone was asleep, I decided to just forcefully whisper "Shit! Ouch!" (or maybe "Ouch! Shit" - I can't remember the details). Picked myself up from the floor, placed the Tam-Tam and saucer on the counter, and put a hand to my poor head. It was still dark, so I couldn't see much, but it felt wet. Turned on the light.

Turns out there's blood on my face. Wonderful. Not only did I spill the Tam-Tam, but I also cracked my skull. Well, at least something to show for all that pain. Went to the bathroom and cooled my head with a wet towel. The bleeding stopped soon enough, and with the help of a mirror, I examined my head. The wound was relatively small, no white bones or gray brain matter visible. I wouldn't have to go to the hospital after all.

One hand on the towel, with the other hand eating Tam-Tam, I was finally watching TV. Did they show a nice, blood-curling thriller? Phantasmagorical SciFi? Of course not! Instead, there were boring talk shows. Even more boring documentaries. A crappy SciFi movie. A complete waste of time.

I could have saved myself the skull-cracking experience and just gone to bed.