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The future of Donnerstag, 09. Dezember 2004, 17:04:27

Yesterday, I added an OPML file to; it shows all the feeds in my database in alphabetical order. I'd been planning to do this for a while, but I was hoping for more OPML information before I just jumped in. As usual, I jumped in anyway. Although I followed the advice given here, I'm not sure the file is good. Any pointers and suggestions are welcome!

And when I opened my mail today, I saw that sis requested exactly this feature -a list of all feeds in my database- in his blog. Strange coincidence, he must have been reading my mind or something.

His other request, a list of all blog entries, is something I've also been considering for a while. I'm not sure about that, and here's why.

My goal with is quite simple: To promote Swiss blogs. All Swiss blogs. I don't want to "reward" frequent bloggers with more exposure on, and I don't want to "punish" infrequent bloggers with less exposure. I'm already uncomfortable with displaying only those blogs updated in the last 30 days, and I try to make up for it with the OPML list.

On the other hand, a stale blog doesn't contribute to the blogging community, while an active blog does. But are ten posts per day a more valuable contribution than one post per day? I don't know.

As for metablog scripts: I know a bunch of them. My favourite is Steve's Feed on feeds, but -at least for the time being- I'll do my own coding. Although is, first and foremost, a service to my fellow bloggers, it is also my playground. Using only third-party scripts would reduce me to a simple administrator. And where's the fun in that?