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Jeremy: Fired for blogging Freitag, 07. Januar 2005, 14:18:11

Jeremy Wright, the guy who auctioned his blogging skills on ebay, was fired for divulging company secrets in his blog.

I guess everybody's read about how people get fired because they write something in their blogs; someone (forgot who, exactly) predicted it as the new trend for 2005. And now it happened to Jeremy. He was going to leave the company anyway, but being fired and escorted out of the building just plain sucks. And he's losing quite a bit of money, too.

I have to admit that I'm also a little bit surprised. I mean, this guy is selling himself as a successful business blogger, and now this, the classic blooper? Isn't he supposed to be biz-savvy?

But I shouldn't add insult to injury. Shit just happens. So I'll shut the hell up now. I guess it's a lesson learned, and if he applies it to his future business, him and his clients will profit from it in the long run: They'll know to be extra careful about what they write in their business blogs.

Good luck, Jeremy, and may the dollar flow your way!