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Google changes your content. And you can't stop them. Donnerstag, 17. Februar 2005, 18:30:48

A while back, I collected all the available information to Microsoft Smart Tags. This was my small contribution to killing the abomination before it was widely implemented.

Google obviously thinks enough time has passed to try their hand at the same game. Sneaking it into their toolbar, they're calling it AutoLink. At the moment, the scope is slightly different than that of SmartTags, but no less scary: They're still altering MY CONTENT (with a nice kick-back I'm sure) without even asking for permission.

And there is absolutely no way to opt out, so it's even worse than SmartTags. And since they will now automatically update the toolbar, they might sneak in new "features" without bothering you with any details.

A couple years ago, Google were The Good Guys. But it looks like they're determined to move into The Bad Guys corner.