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[update] Interview with an expat Mittwoch, 02. März 2005, 03:28:51

Glamorous HJB has graciously allowed me to interview her. All the other would-be interviewees apparently got cold feet when they saw her approaching, so this is the one and only interview we're having. I am so honoured! Here are the questions.

  1. Which is your favourite Swiss wine?
  2. I know you're an expat. Did you leave dreary old England for the beauty of Switzerland, or some other reason?
  3. Heidi says you once had an encounter with a group of young, handsome Swiss men in uniforms. What happened next?
  4. What do you like best about Switzerland (if anything), and what do you hate most about it? Don't be shy!
  5. Tell us about your cleaning fetish. Or lack thereof. I mean, we Swiss know that you English are all slobs, you don't even mop your bathroom floor every day, something any civilized person does. Wait, that didn't come out quite right... now I lost the plot. Anyway, just tell us?

And that concludes the interview questions. Now it's your turn, HJB!

[Update]: The inimitable HJB has indeed done the deed. We are most indepted to this charming, talented and beautiful (not to mention glamorous) lady. Even if she's a bloody foreigner.