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Deposited Assets Claims Montag, 21. März 2005, 18:40:27

Ganz schön frech: Eine für mich neue Variante des Nigeria-Scams, diesmal auf dem Rücken der Nazi-Opfer.

Die Hervorhebungen im untenstehenden Text sind von mir; James D. Wolfensohn ist der scheidende Chef der Weltbank, Israel Singer ist Generalsekretär des Jüdischen Weltkongresses.

Deposited Assets Claims

The above subject refers. On my assumption of Office on the 29th May 2004 as the new Director of Finance and adimistration of the one of my key priorities was the payment of all verified outstanding Nazi victims or their heirs . This was sequel to the tripartite meetings between the committee, the Finance International Monetary Fund (IMF)/World Bank Group headed by Mr. James D. Wolfensohn during his recent visit to ,my office here in SWiss. The settlement of all outstanding Nazi victims or their heirs this payments was one of the conditions given by the IMF/World Bank team.

Based on the above, I have personally commenced verification of claims contained in pending Payment Files. Your File which has been pending on my table for no reason, has just been examined and discovered to contain this Beneficiary Bank Account viz: HSBC Bank, Ealing Broadway Branch, 46 The Broadway, Ealing - London W5 5JZ, Account No. 617 959, Swift Code: MIDLGB22, Sort Code: 400226, However, we discovered discrepancies that have made us to write to reconfirm from you, as your name appeared on the Approval Documents.

Due to the past activities of sacked fraudulent officials where Clamants' fund have been diverted, you are therefore to reconfirm to this Office the exact Beneficiary Bank Account and any other necessary Contract details and reason(s) you have not been paid. Also include your private direct telephone. Information/Claims found to correspond with that in our Computer Payment System, we shall immediately commence Payment Process through our overseas Correspondent Banks.

With the new arrangement, we will be dealing directly with the Beneficiary and not a third party. Also note that this office shall not be held liable for transfers made to wrong Bank Accounts supplied by Beneficiary. So many people are impersonating this Office disrespectfully. You are warned to beware of whom you deal with! You are requested to e-mail me immediately.

Yours sincerely,
Isreal Singer