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[update] Wordpress: Yet another angry lynch mob Freitag, 01. April 2005, 00:25:09

So Matt Mullenweg made a mistake and gets a public beating - while he's on vacation and therefore can't defend himself!

This is the kind of angry lynch mob mentality that gives blogs a bad name. Folks, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Sure, Matt shouldn't have done that particular deal; hosting search-engine spammers is not a good way to make money. But hey, give the man a break! We all make mistakes; it's part of human nature. This one mistake does not change anything about Matt's achievements or the quality of Wordpress.

It's also interesting how fast Google set the wordpress pagerank to zero. I guess they were glad for an excuse to trash the competition.

[update] Matt has heard about the whole mess now and will likely respond later. But I agree with Anil Dash: Take the time to enjoy Italy, the web will wait.