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The BBC is quoting me! Freitag, 09. September 2005, 18:29:15

Update 13.10.2005: The page has moved and can be accessed from the BBC website, but still no attribution. The original page is gone -404!- but it's archived at I'm sure the attribution will happen someday.

Yes, the BBC is quoting me. Not on their frontpage, but in their Web Development Guidelines. Look here:

Browser rendering
Some modern browsers have two rendering modes. Quirk mode renders an HTML document like older browsers used to do it, e.g. Netscape 4, Internet Explorer 4 and 5. Standard mode renders a page according to W3C recommendations. Depending on the DTD present in the HTML document, the browser will switch into either quirk mode or standard mode. If there is no document type declaration present, the browser will switch into quirk mode.

This is, of course, the summary of my article Doctype switching and standards compliance: An overview. Too bad they forgot to give me credit. I wrote the editor a nice letter about it, let's see what happens.

BTW, I found the BBC's use of my text with copyscape. And I found copyscape through the Paperholic blog.