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Revenge Of The CSS Hacks Freitag, 14. Oktober 2005, 02:13:03

It was a disaster waiting to happen, and now it did: All those "cool" CSS hacks that some webdesigners used to work around Internet Explorer 6' CSS limitations are now a liability. They are not going to work in IE7.

We all knew it. We even warned people not to fuck up their code just to accommodate a borken browser. Did they listen? Of course not!

And that is a big pain in the ass for the IE7 developer team: You see, they're finally plan to roll out a standards compliant browser, and now they're risking embarrassment with all those CSS hacks that will result in a broken design in IE7.

(Serves them right, I hear you say. Exactly; but that won't stop them).

The proposed solution: Yet another hack! I kid you not: Instead of suggesting clean, standard compliant code, they want webdesigners to "fix" their code with *gasp* Conditional Comments. That's what I call Den Teufel mit Beelzebub austreiben: The cure is worse than the disease.

My suggestion: Follow the friggin' CSS Specification. It's not that hard.