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The Freakin Green Elf Shorts went to France, and all I got was this lousy picture Dienstag, 18. Oktober 2005, 15:42:45

Ya know, we had them all lined up.
All the stars.
Top models. Movie stars. Sex symbols.

James Dean.
Marilyn Monroe.

But when it was time to take the pictures, our Casting Director told us he hadn't been able to book any of them! Imagine that!

Know what his excuse was? He claimed they're all dead! How lame is that?

Of course I fired him on the spot.

The problem is, now we don't have any of the promised Stars in Shorts (And Nothing But). It's embarrassing, but it just can't be helped. I'm afraid you'll have to make do with an outtake of me, on the beach (beach not visible in account of me sitting in the shade of a beach tent), just being me. (Never mind the little guy, he kept climbing all over me).

One of them is short, but not an elf. The other one is not an elf either, but at least he's wearing The Freakin Green Elf Shorts!

You know the rules: The best caption wins. Winner will be sent the shorts to wear them, take a picture, put it on the web for the next round of the Freakin Green Elf Shorts Caption Competition, and so on and so forth. Deadline for captions is Saturday, 22 October 2005, 12:00 GMT. You can post as many captions as you like, but they must be in English.

So! Give it your best shot!