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How to provide Mobile Power to the People (and their gadgets) Freitag, 01. September 2006, 22:18:16

Cell phone, PDA, MP3-Player, DVD-Player, Laptop... mobile is fun. The future. Etc. We all know that.

But there's just one problem: How do we power these babies?

Obviously, the solution has to be mobile too: A power source we can carry around. And guess what: We already do have a number to choose from. They generally come in four types:

Each power source has advantages and disadvantages. So unless the industry builds The Ultimate Power Source, we'll probably end up buying (and carrying) several gadgets to power our gadgets. Oh well. One never has enough gadgets.

Are there other power sources? Yeah, pocket fission generators, right. Hamster treadmills, thanks. Others?