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Other kids suck Donnerstag, 05. Oktober 2006, 01:48:13

Oh how I can relate to this story by Ms Mac! Our situation is a bit different, but the problem is the same: Physical violence is oh so terrible, but bullying is perfectly OK. What hypocrits!

Our son Jan has a strict no-violence order (long story). And now one of the kids just won't stop taunting and putting him down because he knows perfectly well that Jan isn't allowed to just hit him in the face, throw him on the ground, punch him till he bleeds. What an asshole. He so much deserves to be beaten up. I'm tempted to give Jan a "beat-em-up permission" just once. But of course I won't do it. *sigh*. Being a reasonable parent is no fun at all.

In other news, Jan is now a yellow belt. Whoah! I haven't visited his Judo training for more than half a year, but today I went to class and watched him. His progress is really impressive; he's all muscles but moves like a dancer. And he is learning to use all that muscle and energy in a good way. I'm impressed with him. And with the teachers, too: Their first rule of Judo is "look after your partner and make sure you don't hurt him". Quite a concept in martial arts. I wish other kids would pick up that rule as well.