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Times they are a-changing and stuff like that Freitag, 24. November 2006, 04:20:00

I've been at the same company for nine years now. Several weeks ago I never would have dreamed I'd go job hunting. But there you have it: They decided we're no longer needed. What a shock. And so I'm available for a job.

Or, if all goes well, I soon will have been available for a job; it's amazing how fast things move once they start moving. A new job is a tough decision to make, and not easer when there's more than one potentially new job available. The next even more exciting job offer might be lurking just around the corner. If I've learned one thing from gambling, it's the importance of being patient: The ideal solution will present itself eventually. You just have to be patient, and alert, and then make the right decision at the right time. I seem to have a talent for that.

Considering all this, I'm almost glad they don't need us any longer; otherwise I never would have experienced the fun of job hunting, never would have realised there's a real market for people with my background - programming, blogging, Typo3ing, stuff like that. So here's to change!

And now to something completely different: Would you wait for the N95, or would you get the N93 now and then possibly shell out another ridiculous amount of money to get the N95 when it finally hits the shelves in 2007? Decisions, decisions...