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Javascript-Genius Jim Ley is working for Joost Mittwoch, 21. November 2007, 03:13:14

As I've been thrown head-first into a Javascript project, I tried to remember where I used to get my Javascript info back in the days when I was still on Usenet. If you know anything about Javascript on Usenet you know what I'm talking about: The fabulous comp.lang.javascript FAQ

And indeed, a quick Google search landed me at the comp.lang.javascript FAQ maintained by Jim Ley. So I thought "wonder what might have happened to Jim" and checked out his homepage. Guess what: He's even got a blog. And there it turns out that he was homeless for a while and now has a job at Joost. He's even taking feature requests on Usenet.

Who whould have thought that a Web2.0 company like Joost would have their presence on something as Web0.5-ish as Usenet? But then again, who would have thought a genius like Jim Ley could become homeless?

I remember he used to scoff at just about any javascript code anybody ever posted on Usenet because it didn't meet his high standards. Yes, he was a pest, but you could learn a ton just reading his posts.

So I'm curious to find out how he managed to get himself homeless. Probably a case of too much genius and too little business sense, just like van Gogh.

Anyway. I found the FAQ, I found a couple other useful Javascript resources I'd forgotten existed, and now I'm ready to roll.