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Wolfgang's Vault: Really nice old live music Donnerstag, 22. November 2007, 13:54:15

A couple weeks ago Wolfgang's Vault started highlighting recordings of live concerts they have in their archives. Peter Gabriel, Jefferson Airplane, Canned Heat, Little Feat, you name it they got it.

Now I don't know much about that old music, or any music for that matter. For me, any old music will do (that was a reference to Tina Turner, got it?), as long as it keeps those parts of my mind busy that try to distract me from my work.

But these concerts... I'm listening to Emmylou Harris right now, and loving it! Can you beliee it? Country Music, by definition that's boring sentimental crap with lyrics that make you want to puke. But a live concert? Emmylou Harris? Wow. And Wolfgang's Vault is full of those concerts. Whoah. I'm a fan.