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Funding Journalism in the Digital Age: Business Models, Strategies, Issues and Trends Montag, 18. Januar 2010, 04:43:52

Das ist sicher ein sehr interessantes Buch:

Funding Journalism in the Digital Age: Business Models, Strategies, Issues and Trends
By Jeff Kaye & Stephen Quinn

The news media play a vital role in keeping the public informed and maintaining democratic processes. But that essential function has come under threat as emerging technologies and changing social trends, sped up by global eco- nomic turmoil, have disrupted traditional business models and practices, creating a financial crisis. Quality journalism is expensive to produce-so how will it survive as current sources of revenue shrink? Funding Journalism in the Digital Age not only explores the current challenges, but also pro- vides a comprehensive look at business models and strategies that could sustain the news indus- try as it makes the transition from print and broadcast distribution to primarily digital plat- forms. The authors bring widespread international journalism experience to provide a global per- spective on how news organizations are evolving, investigating innovative commercial projects in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Norway, South Korea, Singapore and elsewhere.

Table of Contents
1 The challenges of paying for journalism 5
2 How the news business entered the digital age – a history 17
3 Current journalism business models – new ways to
support traditional revenue streams 35
4 Sponsorship and philanthropy 53
5 Microfunding and micropayments 65
6 Collaboration between mainstream media and citizen journalists 75
7 Family ownership and trusts 89
8 Narrowing the focus with niche and passion content 101
9 Partnerships – adding value 115
10 Microeconomic concepts – creating a framework for
new business models 127
11 E-commerce and engagement – converting users
into paying customers 139
12 Building the news business through innovation 149
13 Digital deliverance? Electronic paper and e-readers 161
14 Into the future 173
Index 179

About the authors
Jeff Kaye is a journalist, media consultant and aca-
demic and has extensive experience working in the U.S., Great Britain and Europe. He has worked as a correspondent for the Los Angeles Times in the U.S. and U.K. and the San Jose Mercury News in Silicon Valley. He was a feature writer and columnist in the L.A. bureau of TV Guide magazine and was the London-based European Editor of the entertain- ment industry bible The Hollywood Reporter. Kaye also spent a year as a freelance writer in Paris, edit- ed a computer games magazine and was Head of Content for consumer websites at British Telecom and World Online. Kaye also lectured in print and digital journalism at the University of London before relocating to New York in 2009. He is an Associate in the Journalism Leaders Program at the University of Central Lancashire in England and has taught journ- alism at the University of California, Los Angeles.
He has a B.A. in journalism from San Francisco State University and an MSc in E-Commerce from the University of London, Birkbeck College, where he focused on commercial strategies for digital content.

Stephen Quinn is an associate professor of journalism at Deakin University in Australia. Before becoming a university educator in 1996 Dr. Quinn spent two decades with some of the world's best media companies, including BBC-TV, The Guardian, ITN, TVNZ, and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. He also worked for a range of newspapers in Australia and south-east Asia. This is his fourteenth book. Dr. Quinn's other books with Peter Lang include Convergent Journalism: The Fundamentals of Multimedia Reporting and Conversations on Convergence: Insiders' Views of Twenty-first Century News Production. Dr. Quinn is a regular contributor to the Innovations in Newspapers annual reports published by Innovation International for the World Association of Newspapers. He also consults for news organizations and is a frequent speaker at international journalism conferences. Between 2000 and 2009 he presented academic papers at more than 150 seminars in 27 countries and trained journalists in eight countries.

Verlegt wird das Buch von Peter Lang Publishing, Inc., New York.
ISBN: 978-1-4331-0685-9.

Stephen Quinn auf LinkedIn (mit Links zu seinen Websites):